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FRIENDS OF CARE – Animal Welfare in McGregor


Friends of Care is an animal welfare organisation that cares for injured, neglected and needy animals in McGregor and the surrounding farm areas. We provide free or subsidised animal care for those who are financially challenged.

We aim to control the animal population in our area and to ensure animals are well cared for. We do this through regular sterilisation programmes, fortnightly animal welfare clinics and occasional education and training activities.

All our work is implemented by Del Jones, a highly qualified Animal Welfare Assistant and Senior Inspector, along with a team of volunteers.

We aim to:


24hr emergency and day to day care


Disease and unwanted offspring (pet population control)


Adults and children in responsible animal ownership

Our Vision

To uplift the lives of all animals through education, inspection and primary health care clinics offering affordable or free treatments, in McGregor and it’s surrounds.

Who we are and what we do

We control pet population through regular subsidised or free sterilisation days at our own facility in McGregor. We also place emphasis on education through various programmes for both adults and children.

Our Stats

Animals sterilised this year
Since we started Oct 2018

Our Values

Promote kindness, respect and empathy of all animals

Prevent unnecessary suffering through neglect or cruelty

Control the spread of animal and zoonotic disease

Ensure all funds are directed for animal care and cruelty prevention

How we run

Friends of CARE aims to run as a lean organisation, using all funds and donations for the care, welfare and upliftment of animals, primarily in our community.

We pay no salaries; only expenses. We pay no rent, nor own buildings or vehicles. To cover special projects and maintain our sterilisation target of one hundred animals per year, we fundraise within the local community and seek further funding from outside sources.

100% Volunteers : 100% Donations